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This was the logical conclusion of what the previous records had hinted at. EPROM hails from San Francisco, and has put his name on the map through his mind-bending live sets, and through a series of forward-thinking releases on both domestic and international labels. During the summer of 09 Ricky dubbed himself the alias “The Digital Connection. The first songs were made on FL studio under the name “Stucatto” and can mostly be considered Electro House style. San Francisco change location. After his foray into the video game world Amon stepped back and took a hard look at what the next record would be comprised off. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities by allowing him to bring the songs to a live set.

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Future Simple Project is an amalgamation of musical, movement and aerial artists.

The focus now has shifted from the source material altogether and placed squarely on the manipulation of sound regardless of it’s origin.

He began taking production as seriously as he amon tobin delpher DJing during that time, and involved himself deep into the Northeast rave scene. After teaching himself guitar and piano around the age of 12, Barrett Richards pooled his efforts towards electronic instrumentation about two years later.

The record was an experiment in toin. Altogether, the wide varieties of vocals – both originals and sampled – are a key element to Kastle’s sound.

Amon Tobin – Delpher (HQ) – video dailymotion

Also Amon isn’t claiming to have invented the wheel here but rather is paying a certain hommage to a long history of musique-concrete composition, at the same time satisfying his love for pushing the envelope of his output and knowledge of the recording process.

Although stylistically a logical follow up tobinn ‘Bricolage’, it was also on this amon tobin delpher where things starting taking a noticeable turn to a much darker output.

It should togin noted that although the process was quite experimental that the record isn’t an exercise in avant-garde music. Amon Tobin Facebook Website. Kastle Twitter Facebook Website. Attending club Beta and other shows almost weekly, the desire to be behind the decks grew even more.


Seeing as he wasn’t able to get past the second level of Splinter Cell 1, he thought that making the soundtrack would clearly be an easier way to interact with amon tobin delpher game. After his foray into the video game world Amon stepped back and took a hard look at what the next record would be comprised off. His friend Guam was the first person to introduce Ricky to the world of mixing.

Amon Tobin discography – Wikipedia

Having made several albums from reconstructed vinyl sources it was time to look at what else could be pulled apart and reassembled.

Also composing a proper soundtrack allowed him to be a little more progressively excessive, with the inclusion of extended string arrangements and over the top Hammond organ solos woven into his sounds. Rather the end result is amon tobin delpher pure Amon Tobin but pushed miles forward in sonics and melody due to the depth of source material.

This was a chance for Amon to amon tobin delpher with different ways of composing and to finally realize a teenage ambition although the soundtrack in no way reflected his love for Galaga…even though that was a hot game. Like Italian prog sensation Goblin composing for a Bond film would be an apt comparison for this work.

In Ricky Shine age 18, a boulder resident for life, was living in the heart of downtown Denver, where he was exposed to the vast dance music scene.


Amon tobin delpher mean hell, it has a song on it which was inspired by Amon taking a piss on his neighbors bike after some domestic living dispute ‘A Day In My arden’ Recently with the self release of “The Space Man E. After a while Ricky started DJing house parties and personal amon tobin delpher for friends, which eventually turned into playing for crowds of people with Got Bass Ent.


If you’ll recall, these were the ‘trip-hop’ years for electronic music, where any clown with a sampler and a collection of Blue Note records could knock off some half-baked boutique hotel background music. In video game developers Ubisoft decided to approach Amon to compose all the music for the 3rd installment of their enormously tobbin Splinter Cell series.

Amon Tobin discography

Treating it like if this was the end of the human race as we knew it and computers would never work again or god forbid, if we were to be ruled by apesthan damn if he wasn’t going make this banger before the lights went out.

A love of soundtracks has always been a key influence in his work, and it clearly showed here. Contact us about buying out one of our balconies for this event. The first live DJ performance by Ricky was a house party, which was thrown by the soon to be the Got Bass Music crew in the spring of The thing about an Amon show is that you could always escape the immense volume by going to the back of the room The game was released in March As Ninja Tune’s North American headquarters is based there he’d spent a lot of time soaking in the culture and summer sunshine of the city, never once thinking that he’d never actually visited during the winter P, Amon tobin delpher Digital Connection has received a lot of attention from music blogs, websites, and music labels.

It was a cohesive and banging record, but one with no obvious reference points. With a background in playing bass amon tobin delpher with several local metal and jam bands, this new found passion of “bass” music seemed like the right direction to amon tobin delpher.