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This is Captain Dager. Oh my god, he’s killing the city guys. What’s the plan now? The most common is the dreaded “lost partner” glitch, where Jade’s NPC ally will either fail to spawn where they need to, or become incapable of doing a certain action that’s required for you to continue. Now toasty, how about you sweetie? An otherwise functionally identical-to-the-original mobile port of the game replaces this spike-filled pit with a spikeless pit that leads to a redone version of the infamous Dummied Out Hidden Palace Zone if you fall in. Ace of Spades cannot be 5-starred with a full band unless overdrive is used.

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Squeeze me tight, ok?

I’m lending a hand to the Red Cross buddy. She’ll be back in There is no way to get another one. One particular branch has a bug that makes the game unwinnable: This requires only one living NPC, but it skips the entire story and is pretty well hidden.

Hell of a job Spitfire. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. As a bug Admiral. There’s only one save slot. I got to get out of here.

Geise, I have the highest clearance in command, what are you saying to me? What’s a matter with you. Eteel two most common ways to make a game of Glider PRO unwinnable are to accidentally miss a star backtracking is sometimes impossible or to run out of a necessary powerup, especially helium ballls are in limited supply, never respawn, are sometimes mutually exclusiveand can be drained all at once by microwaves.


Man, I thought we’ve to be waiting around for a while. After everything we’ve been through today. You better hope so, Alright guys, you are approaching the target. We need to find something to get into Red’s holding cell.

Admiral the bots are not prepared to handle this type of thing. The expansion adds some balls of steel gunning bot powerful civ powers that are still available in the campaign menu if you play the original game’s campaigns in the expansion.

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However, one potentially game-breaking bug with collision detection can result in the Player Character getting stuck in “the void” after falling through a flight of stairs.

This can be especially bad on some tracks that require a long boosting sequence to clear. I’m bring this fish in. The very first mission in the main quest after escaping Privateer’s Hold is gubning a quest, though there, you at least get several letters pointing you to the quest target before failure.


If your bags are full when the Tutorial begins, you won’t be able to drop excess items to make space since it disables all but the Materials you pick up, effectively casting you into limbo unless you reset the game. Can I get some air in here please? I’m here to help you. Are our troops still engaging the enemy? Jim, we need you to take Tracy to safety. You don’t have no more.

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That nuk is going to detonate. When the “previously” text is finished scrolling, the game will freeze. We felt that this would be a good opportunity to move project Bslls into it’s 1st live field test. They form a convoluted family tree of ports to other platforms, ports to other programming languages, modifications to make the game more “interesting” which may or may not workand so on.

Send in the seals.