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Lyrics describe a shy ape-like man observing a beautiful woman with her tribe. It starts with a sound like a donkey braying, which sounds to me like the very slow dragging of a violin bow or perhaps the rocking of a very creaky rocking chair. The music is ‘in your face’ for the most part, but I like many other efforts with that concept, but here it reflects some sort of uncertainty and tension, which I can only attribute to the albums concept. I feel a bit sad that the harmony has left for the instrumental and long introduction of “La Conquista”. Great jazzy drumming before the music switches to a more laid-back mellower section.

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Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso:Darwin! (1972)

At any rate, this album is just gorgeous, and one of the most interesting listens from this band, hands down. Sometimes there can be just.

Renaissance Turn of the Cards. The intimate rivalry between so many bands in Italian musical landscape of ’70 has created some Music Giants. Angel, thank you my friend.

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso – Darwin!.jpg

Still, the material here really can’t reach for the higher ratings. Goes back to the opening section.

What they do with it is superb, just as good if not better than what any UK or US musician was doing with a Moog at the time. Di Giacomo makes his voice cry in sheer sadness, and so does Gianni Nocenzi regarding the ivories of his grand piano. Of course, the more dramatic, almost mutou Italian singing style gives the music its own flavor.



The nocenzi brothers are at the top of their baanco here, demonstrating their incredible talent. Perhaps we should do Le Orme sometime to complete the Italian circle, hm? Purists turned their back on this new version, but it is actually very well performed, even though it has lost the vintage s Italian flavor. But my mind’s interest is held for banco del mutuo soccorso darwin after listen, my toes is tapping, and my child’s sense of “Coool” is piqued. Elsewhere you get a feeling the conceptual story they’d build was probably binding the group too tightly and forcing them to outstretch their talents, de, this is certainly no more apparent than with Di Giaccomo, who finds way too little space to express his talent freely.

Given the facts that many segments of this album have symphonic nature, it’s actually a representation of the era where most prog music was revolving around this style. You probably won’t like it at first. What is from the bottom of the heart must be expressed, and if someone find it useful, great. I think they transmit to the listeners a more complete musical experience.

I will give you two or three more unnecessary informations: Lots of mood and tempo changes in this one, and lots of organ. Sorry for focusing on the singing but that’s what I used to do, and I know just how good this man is. Bbanco are so many things going on here that my English vocabulary feels largely insufficient to describe them.

spccorso Later some great growling Moog soxcorso the band dies out and just harpsichord is present. And thus ends this incredible album. What can be said about that hasn’t been said a milion time? I decided to go out on a limb and challenge myself with something different long ago after hearing great things about this album. Normally the instrumentals are unable to transmit a concept clearly For example Six Wives of Henry the VIII is musically outstanding but it could also be an album about six of the seven Snow White dwarfs, because soccprso music is unable to transmit the ,messagebut in this case not only the frantic music but also the sound effects banco del mutuo soccorso darwin the growls of our ancestors complete describe the scene.


Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso:Darwin! () | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Notwithstanding, I have to admit that Darwin banco del mutuo soccorso darwin their most bombastic one L’Evoluzione and La Conquista della Polizione Erettatheir most operatic and theatrical one just listen to the superb Cento Mani e Cento Occhiitalic in its essence for its dramatic haunting melodies A mini drum solo before it goes back to the upbeat part again.

But, it is short-lived. You would end up with something similar to this, but there is still an originality at work here. So despite my ignorance in the matter, I find myself compelled to review this because it truly is so good. Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. No thank you, thanks for asking, though!!