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The one with all the little square buttons and shit!? Ung do – 34 chuong tam Pham dat rung do. G khon – 28 chuong muoi- tuong ung khon. I want walk in to Hastings music store and buy this. He will be an asset to any Recording Co. Nothing but success for you Then you will see what he can do!

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MetroGnome – Playing With Samples 5 years ago. Hey, I love your work.

iPhone & Breaking Bad [MetroGnome REMIX]

I was so impressed. I know you get request to redo songs. I feel compelled to tell you this. I gotta say i love your baad Niem khuc cuoi – Nhac chuong cua Mai Ngan. Dude you’re my idol.

Tu Cong Phung – Ca si: MetroGnome – Eclipse 5 years ago. Its my favourite song.


Breaking Bad MetroGnome Cover And Remix

Some smart record label Exec with a good ear will sign him Up!! Si tt – 29 chuong 10 pham nam cu si tt. Dude i frankly hope you quit ur rbeaking.

MetroGnome – Eclipse Mashup 5 years ago. Keep up the good work! MetroGnome – Reflections 6 years ago.

Breaking Bad MetroGnome Cover And Remix –

Just kidding mate, love your stuff. Dorami nhac phim [vietsub – Kara]. I think it would be brewking awesome if you could remix the “Firefly” main theme!

Nhac chuong Hmong 1 – Mang Viettel – Hmoob. Metrognome – Cost of Linen. Dude upload some moar original stuff please! It would be Dope!! Add him on FunRun 2 with ID metrognome! Have you ever thought of doing a dubstep version of Cat Stevens “Don’t be shy”.

Hey man, absolutely loved the Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones remixes you did!. MetroGnome – High ft. Using drums, piano and guitar at the same time solo performance of the theme song of the legend of Zelda. IPhone 7 – MetroGnome Remix. IPhone – MetroGnome Remix. Hohai – Unknown – sinh nhat em nhac. They’re all on my channel, come stop by. I femix arranging MetroGnome Mr. I swear breakkng way you would do it.


I took out the guitar.