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Archived from the original on Ancient writers often indicate the existence of such works: Translated by the learned and enthusiastic Marsilio Ficino and others, the Hermetic books soon gained the attention of an intelligentsia that was starved for a more creative approach to spirituality than had been hitherto available. Thus Hermetic theurgy can be understood as a sort of astrological magic. During this period, the Mediterranean world was undergoing a remarkable religious development. This phase would be characterized by a period of philosophical and catechetical studies based on certain Hermetic works.

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In Greece, this early wisdom found hermeyicism way into the Pythagoraen tradition and filtered into the Orphic, Delphic, and Elusenian mysteries. Certainly Jung and other archetypally oriented psychologists viewed Hermes in this light.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, such scholars as Gustave Parthey 8 and Louis Menard 9 began to raise objections to the forgery theory, but it took another 50 years for their views to gain a hearing.

Nature fell in love with the All, and man, seeing his reflection in water, fell in love with Nature and wished to dwell in it. A Renaissance portraite of Hermes Trismegistus, from the hemeticism of the cathedral at Siena, ; attributed to Giovanni di Maestro Stefano. Again and again we are told the whole world is alive.

Mead first became hermeticjsm for his translation of the great Gnostic work Pistis Sophiawhich appeared in Retrieved from ” https: The four classical elements of earth, water, air, and fire are used often in alchemy, and are alluded to several times hermeticixm the Corpus Hermeticum. Two of the best-known Christian mystical classics, The Cloud of Hermeticidm and Theologia Germanicawere written anonymously. While Hermes is regarded as one of the earliest and most primitive gods of the Greeks, he enjoys so much subsequent prominence that he must be recognized as an archetype devoted to mediating between, and unifying, the opposites.


It is restricted to references to God. Men are prevented from being good because man, having a body, is consumed by his physical nature, and is ignorant of the Supreme Good. Routledge and Kegan Paul. The macrocosm is as the microcosm and vice versa; within each lies the other, and through understanding one usually the microcosm a person may understand the other.


Like the Gnostics, of whom Jung said that they worked with original, compelling images of the deep unconscious, the Hermeticists experienced powerful and extraordinary insights to which they tried to give expression in their writings. The early twentieth-century scholar Walter Scott, in his classic edition of the Hermetic texts, writes of a legend preserved by the Renaissance writer Vergicius:.

Then Ehrmeticism orders the elements into the seven heavens often held to be the spheres of MercuryVenusMarsJupiterSaturnthe Sun, and the Moonwhich travel in circles and govern destiny. The only persons present are the initiate and the initiator called “son” and “father” in this text.

The Golden Dawn maintained the tightest of secrecy, which was enforced by severe penalties for those who disclosed its secrets.

HF: What Is Hermeticism?

He then showed the form of the All to Nature. Alchemical texts clearly state, however, that the Philosophers Stone is created by purifying Mercury into Philosophical Mercury. In this way, man became speechless having lost “the Word” and he became ” double “, being mortal in body yet immortal in spiritand having authority over all creation yet subject to destiny. Blavatsky in the last years of her life, was the main agent of the revival of Gnostic and Hermetic wisdom among the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century occultists.


From a contemporary view, the figure of Hermes, both in its Greek and its Egyptian manifestations, stands as an archetype of transformation through reconciliation of the opposites. Indeed there are many passages in the Hermetic writings in which we can still perceive the vibrant inspiration, the exaltation of spirit, in the words whereby they attempt to describe the wonders disclosed to their mystic vision.

It was edited by one Cardinal Patrizzi, who recommended that these works should replace Aristotle as the basis for Christian philosophy and should be diligently studied in schools and monasteries. Lost Greek texts, and many of the surviving vulgate books, contained discussions of alchemy clothed in philosophical metaphor.

Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion.

in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The souls then used the substance to create the various animals and forms of physical life. So is the universe of the low savage, the Naturmensch; but long before the second and third centuries of our era the primitive belief had been rationalized. From this time onward the name “Hermes” came to denote neither Thoth nor Hermes proper, but a new archetypal figure, Hermes Trismegistus, who combined the features of both.

Of these three we shall concern ourselves here with Hermes. Regardie gave a detailed account of the Order’s teachings to the hermeticlsm public. Hermes Trigmegistus This figure is associated with the god Thoth or Hermes who was alleged to have given the Egyptians their knowledge of the arts and sciences. The Rosicrucian Order consists of a secret inner body and a public outer body that is under the direction of the inner body.