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This raising and lowering Jing through the Microcosmic orbit and returning it to the Dantian purifies the essence and transforms it into Qi or vitality. Tan Tien Chi Kung: The microcosmic orbit should be viewed in the context of a variety of Taoist exercises and techniques designed to purify the body physically, mentally and spiritually, improve health and longevity, and prepare the way for meditation, and also including other techniques such as the Macrocosmic orbit which means circulating energy into the other psychic energy meridians which flow around the torso and out into the arms and legs. The exercise itself usually begins with preparation designed to relax the physical body and develop the ability to concentrate. Use the discharge technique to absorb and transmit the Universal and Earth Forces in this higher level of moving meditation.

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Condition the spine, psoas muscles and patterns of movement for health and inner development. Genital Health Massage addresses the common problems associated with our orbot organs; impotency, frequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful inter- course and low sexual libido.

Views Read Edit View history. These can constrict the flow of chi, eventually resulting in physical ailments. Mantak chia microcosmic orbit Taoist yoga that stimulates chi flow in meridians chi pathways delineated in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture maps of the energy body affected by each exercise. Basic practices for general healing sessions with specific light energies of the primordial force are introduced.

Pack microcosmicc power in all 9 areas of the tan tien and the associated organs, kuas, tendons and ligaments using the Dragon and Tiger Breath and 11 animal exercise postures.

Microcosmic Orbit

Saliva is the Water of Life. It is this Jing or essence which is responsible for the reproductive processes in midrocosmic body which allow the body to rejuvenate itself as well as for the reproductive processes which give rise to offspring, essence is also an important component in the manufacture of qi which can be translated into English as vitality or energy, the primary motive force which is life itself.


With the use of a bamboo hitter and a wire hitter, vibrate parts of the body so the stem cells get the message on where to go for nicrocosmic and regeneration. Simple massage techniques are used to remove blockages and to enhance the healthy distribution of Chi in the body from head to toe.

Induce elasticity of tendons, ligaments and associated muscles. Retrieved from mantak chia microcosmic orbit https: For example, the Chinese character for the I Ching hexagram number 5, Waitingdepicts a person sitting in meditation and the commentary pertains to the flow of mantak chia microcosmic orbit from one of the psychic energy channels to another during meditation:.

Microcosmic orbit

While a fugitive after an abortive Chinese military expedition against Tibet, Chung-li Ch’uan encountered Master Tung-hua. WikiProject Taoism may be able to help recruit an expert. Physical Body Chi Kung: One may order from the Fulfillment Center or online shop sources. When we learn to smile to the negative and make friends with it, we can find a way to live in harmony together and enhance our health. Circulate forces of Earth and the Universe.

Basic Practices I In order to mmicrocosmic the Primordial Force, we need to choa the organs and learn grounding to the earth. With the Elixir Swallow technique, the charged saliva will be turned into instant chi mantak chia microcosmic orbit force —the most powerful healing power.

The student will learn about the Ten Winds, how to chase and discharge them from the body and how to inject good Chi back into the vital organs and glands.

The history of the Microcosmic orbit dates back to prehistoric times in China, and microcosmix mantak chia microcosmic orbit principles can be found in the I Ching which according to legend was written by the Emperor Fu Xi approximately five thousand years ago or at least two centuries before the time of the Yellow Emperor. The exercise can be performed usually at first in a sitting position, but it can also be practiced standing as in Zhan zhuang or with movements included as with T’ai chi ch’uan.


This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat Students may indeed be mantak chia microcosmic orbit to practice Taoist Yoga exercises or T’ai chi ch’uan as a way of building enough energy to begin performing the Microcosmic orbit exercise as it can induce a strain on the nervous system and cause orbif depletion if practiced without adequate preparation. Bone Marrow Nei Kung: Use the power of smiling to activate the relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system.

Meditation in movement, movement in meditation. The Inner Smile is one of the most simple and powerful tools for healing.

Microcosmic orbit – Wikipedia

This is good to do after meditation and other practices where a lot of chi is activated. Following each course description is a list of Mantak chia microcosmic orbit supporting reference materials that are available.

The practitioner learns meditations focused on connecting parts of the body to the structure of the universe in the process of spiritualization and opening to more powerful healing experiences with the primordial force. The clear understanding of the microcosmic orbit technique is very important not only because of its historical context in the story of Chinese alchemy but because it is at the mamtak of many Taoist forms of exercise performed throughout the world by many millions of people today.