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Se Soubesse Que Sentias. While the arrangements shun the influence of today’s musical fashion, they nevertheless freely explore all types of sonority beyond those commonly associated with fado. Jazz Latin New Age. O Corvo Fado Tamanquinhas. It is the singer’s task to choose them and express them through her voice, infusing this centuries-old tradition with all that she feels is new yet genuine, deep and ancient.

misia paixoes diagonais

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misia paixoes diagonais

Se Soubesse O Que Sentias 3’19 Du kannst nur verlieren. There are four traditional fados, and several that are contemporary and even avant-garde, blending their styles with the help of three Portuguese guitars. Many many thanks, Algebra, for your nuanced comments.

Jones for his work. Login Registration Sign In. HI Kamram, how are you?

Happily, this is not the case with Paixoes Diagonaiswhich isn’t fado lite, but simply fado with a few twists. While perhaps not for hard-line purists, this album is a terrific introduction to both Misia and fado in general. Opposing Passions sounds a little better but not by much. I would use “nostalgia” instead of homesickess, because “a nostalgia de uma estrela fugidia” is the subject in the sentence “What do the nostalgia for a star say? Lyrics from the Artist’s website.


Paixoes Diagonais – Mísia | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

An early ambition was to sing at the Olympia in Paris. ArabicEnglish, Spanish. It is the latest urban European song to emerge from popular culture. Literally it is pretty good, and although I’m not perfectly fluent in English, this text sounds very disconnected to my ears. Streams Videos All Posts. Drinking Hanging Out Dagonais Love.

misia paixoes diagonais

diatonais The same happens on 4th verse, as “sadness”, “destiny” and “silence” share the verb “come back”. Even the least traditional track here, the almost Kate Bush-like “Nascimento de Venus” is rooted in traditional Portuguese fado, and Misia ‘s spellbinding voice remains front and center throughout the album. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Portuguese singer Misia ‘s fifth album though only her second American release moves away from the traditional fado of her earlier albums into a more electric and varied sound.

Se Soubesse Que Sentias. I bow my head to her artistry!!

Paixões Diagonais (English translation)

It is the singer’s task to choose them and express them through her voice, infusing this centuries-old tradition with all that she feels is new yet genuine, deep and ancient. Even when it does not have to They return for us, my love.


misia paixoes diagonais

Triste Sina 4’27 A Palavra Dos Lugares. Only if this love is forbidden or impossible, so we need to study carefully what “diagonal” might be.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. And I don’t know if it is clear for the reader that on the first verse “murmur” and “silences” share the same verb “speak of” as does “dawn”. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Add new translation Add new request. Note This is an encounter of traditional and contemporary Fado. Well, I think that criticizing the work of a professional translator is not ethical and polite, so I apologize for the following comment, in advance, but I think this translation needs some improving.

Ainda Que 3’06 Fado Triste 4’01