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In its final form, the water veil moves from around its body to its back and forms an “X” shape, which resemble wings, then the wings form into a small sphere shape of water on the middle of its back with a light blue ring in the middle of it and it then grows in size until it forms into a giant shuriken made of water. In Down to the Fiery Finish! As shown in Kindergarten Chaos! In A Fashionable Battle! It went up against Treecko , despite the type disadvantage.

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This angered Hawlucha, who wanted to hit Bunnelby.

Ash’s Greninja

Since evolving into a Frogadier, its personality remained largely the same. It also seems to relish at both the thought, and the action of defeating a strong opponent, as seen when it grinned before fighting Sawyer’s Grovyle, and defeating Grant’s Onix. Greninja managed to sense Chespie ‘s location inside the Giant Rock and managed to throw a Water Shuriken into its body, marking the location. However, the battle was called off when Ash collapsed from exhaustion.

During the next episodeAsh and Greninja made amends and were able to trigger the transformation at will. Froakie is prone to blushing when praised, as shown when being thanked by Bonnie in A Battle of Aerial Mobility! In The Legend of the Ninja Hero!


During the battle, Gogoat used Leech Seed on Frogadier, trapping it while draining Frogadier’s health. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Cut and Flying Press. With its new power, Greninja knocked Bisharp out with a powerful Cut. It then learned that it could only get strong with a Trainer it truly trusted, and thus became very selective of its Trainer. A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! In A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! Date received is the date on the system when the gift is picked up from the deliveryman. However, Tyrunt jumped high and used Draco Meteorknocking Froakie out. By the time of their rematch against WulfricAsh and Greninja were able to use the form without passing out, and although they still shared each other’s pain, it seemed to be more manageable for Ash to handle.

In the next episodeit and Ash were hit by a miniature version of the Team Flare’s Mega Evolution energy ray, designed to control them, but they broke free using Bond Phenomenon. Later on, Team Rocket attempted to use a ring-type device against Froakie, but the lab’s resident Garchomp got caught in it instead, causing her to go on a rampage after the machine malfunctioned.

In A Battle of Aerial Mobility! After grneinja wild Fletchling took a Berry that Bonnie was going to give to a DedenneFroakie stubbornly attempted to fight Fletchling, only to lose.


POKEMON SUN AND MOON DEMO ASH-GRENINJA Imgfipcom ANNAN Haha True! – Sinnoh | Ash Meme on

Despite initial difficulties its paralysis, Frogadier managed to overpower the male Meowstic’s Psyshock, thanks to Ash’s words of encouragement, and knocked Meowstic out. In the end, Charizard was able to defeat Greninja with Greninua Burn.

During the battle, it transformed into its Ash-Greninja form and easily beat Manectric and Liepard back gteninja its great speed and power, forcing Team Flare to retreat.

Eventually, it and Talonflame charged at the Meowstic and managed to grab onto them. When Ash regained consciousness, he realized that he and Greninja would have to be more careful in using the transformation. In Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! With Squishy and Z2.

The dispute later escalated, requiring them to be separated by Ash. Then Hawlucha would come down and hit the same target, resulting in major damage. Asj Voice actor Japanese. A Festival of Decisions!

Afterwards, Greninja and Ash fell to their knees in exhaustion. Greninja accepted Z2’s request and bid farewell to Ash and his friends.