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In most cases traffic is captured at the network core and we have options for remote sensors for multiple data centers or isolated networks such as a DMZ. Latest Blog Posts copy. The actual data itself is not affected and there is no performance impact. From dashboards, you can drill down to reports containing more detailed information. Skip to content CMS Distribution uses cookies so we can provide you with a better, more personalised user experience, as well as deliver more relevant advertising messages. You can use this data for advanced forensic analysis, creating audit trails, and troubleshooting problems that manifest themselves over a long period of time. Display dashboards that show both real-time and historical reports of network activity data.

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NetFort LANGuardian

Click OK to agree to our cookies netfort languardian. You can also create your own custom reports or enable alerts for specified events.

Investigate activity on Windows file shares. This site uses cookies.

LANGuardian from NetFort – Telnet Networks – Managing Network Performance

Generating a report for the HR department of the amount netfort languardian time a named user spent on social media sites. Monitor user activity on your network. The list of things you can do with LANGuardian is endless. Identify an unused switch port to designate as a monitoring port for LANGuardian. This is why LANGuardian is a really efficient way to monitor user netfort languardian.

From dashboards, you can drill down to reports containing more detailed information. Search — by username, IP address or subnet, file name, or web address. For a Free Quote Drill down into user activity by website, download type, and traffic volume.


How it works – NetFort LANGuardian

Want more drill down to netfort languardian network performance and security issues? For example, you might want to monitor Internet traffic separately from internal network traffic. Talk to NetFort today. Deployment diagram – LANGuardian nehfort on a network with multiple core switches.

You can use LANGuardian to:. Prevent data leakage and unauthorized access to confidential data See exactly what is happening on your Windows infrastructure Search for file activity by IP address, subnet, username, or file name Identify the users who have accessed a file or file share over a specific time period Receive alerts to unusual file hetfort, such as large downloads by a single user over a short time period Security Identify internal threats lajguardian get early warnings about zero-day threat netfort languardian Use trends and alerts to identify suspicious activity Detect port-scanning and port-sweeping activity Identify instances of spam generation This security module netforrt Snort intrusion detection with netfort languardian LANGuardian database to create a unique historical IDS Web Activity Monitoring Drill down into user activity by website, download type, and traffic volume.

If you would like netfort languardian see LANGuardian in action, please try our online demo system or download a free day trial to try it on your own network with your own data.

With support for hundreds of the most common applications and protocols, and a unique deep packet inspection algorithm, CBAR delivers greater accuracy and fewer false positives netfort languardian netfoet netfort languardian to application recognition. Contact form Name Email. Find out more If you have any questions about how LANGuardian can meet your requirements, please contact us.

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Uses DPI to analyze packet content as well as packet headers — the foundation for more detailed and accurate reporting than NetFlow based monitoring tools can provide Eliminates reliance on source address, destination address, and port numbers to identify the application associated with network traffic.

Download LANGuardian Free Trial

Need to netfort languardian network user activity? The switch will send a copy to the monitoring port of all data netfort languardian through the source ports. Integration with Active Directory and other directory services enables LANGuardian to report on the network activity of individual users and to generate traffic reports that incorporate usernames. Here are some examples:.

Full packet capture, storage of historical network events, and comprehensive analytical capabilities make LANGuardian the ideal solution for your network forensics requirements.

NetFort LANGuardian is deep packet inspection software for investigating, netfort languardian, and reporting on user and network activity. You can also use LANGuardian to investigate and report on past activity by users as it stores historical traffic data.

No client software to install No interaction with the devices on the network No impact on network performance. Netfort languardian powerful reports, built-in and custom, with drilldown capability to show the minutest level of detail and lanbuardian to drive decision-making. Every customer finds unique ways to use it, solving problems they cannot solve with other tools.

It is a passive network traffic analyzer, not inline and cannot have an impact on network performance.