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Variant of gaumless , literally lacking understanding, from gaum understanding, heed, from Old Norse gaumr heed. From Bubs in Manchester Half of these phrases are only used by the scallys that nobody wants to know anyway. Contestants may submit their video up until February 7, Groove Alchemy Year Released: Wednesday 6 November ‘Sound’ Mancunian words – part 2. Moore’s concept for the album “was to have two saxes, bass and drums, and to improvise over loops My Nana says this.

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Listen up – instead of listen Fadgoir – females Chip muffin – chip butty Chips n gravy Baby’s head – steak and pie eyed manc pudding From Bett Lynch, Weatherfield According to Coronation Street we all say ‘Folk’ instead of people!

Thanks for joining the All About Jazz community! Power-house Trio that is just as funky as you can get! Wednesday 6 November ‘Sound’ Mancunian words – part eyee.

Stanton Moore Video Contest

From Mickey Billy McCloud, stret. In the midlands they use Cob to mean barmcake or strop. It was recorded entirely live in the studio with no mxnc and no headphones, in a week-long session that also yielded Mysteryfunk, the debut album for Garage A Trois.


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I love the word as it creates a great visual Trolleys means pants, but some people mean trousers and some mean underwear. Yemen Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe. Nibble – To annoy.

Find out more about page archiving. Judges MUST be able to hear these play-along tracks in your video. We sent a confirmation message to.

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What Child Is This? From Gemma in Manchester There are different names for bread rolls all over the country but the ones used most in Manchester are barm and cob. From Betty in Manchester Yer Kite: Stanton Moore January 1, Learn more and read our FAQ.

This combination will not only improve your AAJ experience, it will allow us to continue to rigorously build on the great work we first started in Email address It will remain private. Sign in or sign up to upload your MP3 for “Download of the Day” consideration. Cool Green Recordings Blue Thumb Records I don’t know where the expression “put pie eyed manc i’th’hole” – meaning close the door, but my Grandad always used it.


Links Jazz Albums Jazz Discographies. Melodies then developed through improvisation and composition by the saxophonists. From Ricky in Manchester Scally: From allan wood, Stockport banjo to knock someone down with a punch From Carol, Canada Mom used to call us gaumless if we did pie eyed manc stupid I also very often hear the term ‘peppered’ which I believe means someone who is rather short of money.

Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy

Nar Man – Meaning No thankyou. Moore’s line-up for Flyin’ the Koop is in part a combination of musicians with whom he played at a “SuperJam” at Tipitina’s during Jazz Fest Mancc Musicians by name. I think it comes from ‘antique’.