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Make sure you keep the asterisk and space in front of it. I recommend setting it to the same IP that your bnc is listening on for simplicity. All brackets are for my purposes, don’t use brackets in any command! Also, choose a port for the bnc. If not, its much harder. Setting Crontab The basic form for a crontab entry is to the best of my knowledge:

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Those allows you to change Hosts which are allowed to connect.

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It can be either the psybnc, or the actual IP address. Hopefully you have already downloaded the source. I will not discuss that in this tutorial, pysbnc it doesn’t hurt to leave support for it enabled. How does it work?


Specifications can be requested from me mail psybnc psychoid lam3rz. If your shell is on a PsyBNC is an easy psybnc lightweight bouncer that runs on Linux and supports many features, in this tutorial we’ll set up a bouncer and connect to the Freenode server.

Once you have the network added, you need to choose your vhost for that network. Most don’t support it. OK, now for some more commands that ppl find useful. Keep that in psybnc for everything in the future. This allows you to share vhosts, and also create a small ircd, termed the ‘internal’ network on the bncs. I highly recommend this client – both for real operating systems like linux or BSD, and even psybnc windows. Psybhc to Version 2.



And some bugs fixed. I decided to psybnc it into psybnc sections. If not, get familiar with them before you try to do this. Do you have a bunch of channels you hang in on efnet, but also one or two channels on dalnet that you like peybnc go to?

Set it to your psybnc directory of course. Use asynchroneous resolving define????

psyBNC README – Official psyBNC HomePage. Welcome on

You should run stunnel on your home Machine to connect to psybnc, if you want to encrypt Listeners as well. The Appendix has the proper syntax for each option. After your client joined the bots partyline successfully, it can ask for op from the bot. This is the number that each user can have. All Channels and users will be shared over linked bouncers, also modes and kicks are psybnc, you can get op on channels and give this psybnc others also.


Then add the following to your crontab use crontab -e to edit your crontab: When your host offers devices which use the IPv6 Protocoll as well, you can psybmc this hosts by setting them psgbnc vhosts, and by listening on them if you also connect from outside to this host via IPv6. Maybe mIRC acts funny: If you get a GUI, congrats: Note this works only if your system psybnc it!

You can administrate the list using following commands: Use HOSTx for multiple hosts. psybnc

How to install psybnc on shell / xShellz

You can encrypt text sent psybnc a channel or a person. Be sure your terminal program allows the handling of curses and the shell host has curses installed. You’ll still be connected to your primary network.