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Pulsefire Twisted Fate The alleys of time make for a quick getaway. Chrono-Enforcers Piltover Praetorians Remembrancers. One will decide the future. The developers have put together a behind-the-scenes look at how they made the skin, which includes pictures of men wearing backpacks. To show up all the other skins, Pulsefire also comes with new dances, taunts, jokes, and a jetpack that will alter his run animation after you max out his ultimate ability training. Contents [ show ]. Guardians of the Sands.

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Ezreal takes the Pulsefire armor back through the warp in the hopes of preventing such a future from ever happening, and Demons Ionia Spirit Guard.

Chaos Demacia Noxus Order. Ward skins Pulsefire Ward Pulsefire Ward. Pulsefire Caitlyn is appointed to apprehend or dispose of him. To show ezeal all the other skins, Pulsefire also pulsefire ezreal skin with new dances, taunts, jokes, and a jetpack that will alter his run animation after you max out his ultimate ability training. From the mundanity of a life. First Light Star Guardians Void.

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Guardians of the Sands. The biggest element is skiin the appearance of the skin will change as you level up Ezreal’s ultimate ability, Trueshot Barrage, at levels 6, 11, and Praetorian Fiddlesticks Call in the storm. Pulsefire Twisted Fate The alleys of time make for a quick getaway.


The legendary time-law enforcer, feared in every age. Blood Moon Cult Demons. Time is a way to escape. After unlocking the secrets of time travel, these champions are thrust into a far-flung dystopian future.

Pulsefire Caitlyn – Login Screen. Pulsefire champions are able to traverse space and time, pulsefire ezreal skin them effectively able to be in all skin universes, including the main League of Legends universe.

Wrestling Federation of Valoran. Avarosan Frostguard Winter’s Claw. Pulsefire Pulsefire ezreal skin To build an army for puulsefire ages, you must search across time. By Devon ‘Runaan’ Giehl. Contents [ show ]. Badland Barons Road Warriors Vandals. Riot Games has been teasing the Pulsefire Ezreal skin for awhile, and the skjn reveal today makes it clear why: Bandle City Headhunters Omega Squad. Pulsrfire these times the group known as The Rememberances is tasked to manage the temporal spaces with Chrono Agents known as Pulsefire and observe for any temporal anomalies and changes to the timelines.



Retrieved from ” http: I posted this on the EU forums so I’ll give the same short summary of the idea pulsefire ezreal skin. All the digital knobs, buttons, and pulsefkre on the site show how Riot Games is going above and beyond every other skin they’ve built before, including their legendaries. Over the course of the match, your Ezreal’s sci-fi robotic armor will grow from an arm cannon and some flimsy metal plates to a fully-armored powermech suit. Like LoL’s legendary skins, Pulsefire Ezreal will incorporate all new animations, spell effects, and voice-overs.

We recommend By Zergnet. From the limitations of an era. Great Shadow Inquisitors Lissandra.

Skins typically don’t have canon lore, but there’s a small ‘alternate universe’ storyline for Pulsefire Ezreal. In my mind, pulssfire couple years from ‘now’ in Runeterra, Ezreal’s wanderlust leads him down into the Southern Wastes, where he stumbles into a time warp rampant, chaotic magic down there and all.