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Timey Wimey bullshit shenanigans aside, if the Jesus metaphors weren’t strong enough, Sanguinius’ Herald stepped up to the plate and planted his sword in the Daemon’s spine and held it there so Sanguinius wouldn’t have to die there. Ironically, this belief was reflected later, during the Horus Heresy , while Horus was plotting the Blood Angels’ downfall at Signus Prime. Because he is generally believed to have sacrificed himself to allow Horus, the “Great Betrayer”, to be defeated, the Primarch’s name is cherished by the common citizens of the Imperium. Each of us carries part of our father within us, whether it is his hunger for battle, his psychic talent or his determination to succeed. He later presided over the trial of the now-captured Konrad Curze. However despite the temptation Sanguinius denied the Daemon and broke free of his captors.

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But whether or not the modern and aanguinius Sanguinor are the same person, something warpy had to happen since then, since the Sanguinor pops in and out of the immaterium, Legion of the Damned style. It should have been his Though not first in favor among the Emprah’s Primarchs that position belonged to Horus, pre-heresyor the biggest psychic powerhouseor the best at empire-buildingor even the one who looked most like DadSanguinius was said to have the best blend of the Big E’s attributes which, considering the fact that space marines are a toned-down version of their primarchs, may imply the Blood Angels are the most similar to the Emperor.

Sanguinius’ first battle after being found by the Emperor was the Pacification of Teghar Pentaruswith his first kill a sanyuinius carnodon. On a positive, because of the Triumvirate of Primarch’s success on Davin the Ruinstorm abated revealing a straight shot to Terra, on a negative, Horus had left a massive fleet to protect the way there how he knew that THAT place would be the way that opened for them is a bit of a mystery and all tactical scenarios concluded that if they tried to engage them simultaneously they would only be mired down so that none of them could reach Terra.

The Emperor inducted the best warriors of Sanguinius’ tribe into his preexisting Space Marine Legionwhich soon became known as the Blood Angels.



The exception is Angron who is really hurt by Instant Death. With that and the Spear of Telesto, Sanguinius should be able to beat any other primarch in two charges. Trying to teach Sanguinius that fate could not be changed and that his own death would not be here, Curze let Sanguinius come at him with his sword and goaded him to cut him down. When Curze sanuginius finally captured, all three members of the Imperial Triumvirate realised that Terra had not yet fallen, but that Sanguinius would be doomed to die by Horus’s hand.

Horus would not listen to or agree with any of Sanguinius’ words and the two argued and tried to sway the other to the side of the heresy they stood upon. Sanguinius was now beginning to suffer from the beginning stages of the Black Ragewhich infected Sanguinius’ mind due to the prophetic visions of his own death.

However, he accepted that his sacrifice was necessary to preserve his father’s works in the long run and took solace in the fact that the Blood Angels would continue to follow in his footsteps even as sannguinius grappled with the Black Rage.

The noble angel was highly respected by all the legions, and by all his brother Primarchs. On Davin, a mass Drop Pod assault was conducted but nothing was found and the population was absent.

He for the first time was experiencing a vision that was not his death aboard the Vengeful Spirit. As fighting broke out across the capital ship, Sanguinius got sanguinuus from the rest of the assault party, and when he found Horus, he was alone.

Community Forum Discord Server. The infant Sanguinius came to rest upon the radiation-soaked moon of Baal Secundus and was adopted by a tribe of humans known as the ‘People of the Pure Blood’ or simply ‘The Blood’, Sanguinius, like all Primarchs, grew quickly and soon surpassed all his teachers and was capable of mighty feats of strength and endurance.

Being Emperor didn’t sit easily with him, and much of the day-to-day ruling was done by Guilliman and the Lion. In the subsequent Battle of TerraSanguinius fought valiantly, organising the final defence of the Imperial Palace and held the Eternity Gate alone when no others could withstand the horror of the assault, even ssnguinius the back of the same Greater Daemon Ka’Bandha who wounded him on Signum.


Sanguinius – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Sanguiniius deviated from the battle plan laid out by Erebus by insisting that Sanguinius must die. Curze confided that he had foreseen Sanguinius’ death on the Vengeful Spirit and wanted to know why the Angel still followed the Emperor when their mutual visions had proven his teachings to have been lies. In the Chaos temple at the centre of the battle, Sanguinius duelled Ka’Bandha again, ripping off a wing and then throwing him off a platform and back through a portal into the realm of Sanguiniis.

Sanguinius VS Mortarion Mortarion hits 2.

Despite being in the pit of Horus’s tainted and mutated Chaos fuelled Battle Barge, Sanguinius tried to revert his brother to the side of sanguinijs Emperor, using their old friendship as a lever. Not enough for you? The loyalist forces on Beta-Garmon II were largely destroyed in a shower of orbital debris caused by the detonation of the Starfort The Anviland in the aftermath of the ssnguinius Sanguinius and the Khan agreed that Dorn’s gambit at Beta-Garmon had reached its limit and it was time to return to Terra.

Not a sparkly, feathery man to fuck with. He would gain power from Chaos and slay Horus and save his sons from the curse to come–as a Greater Daemon of Chaos Undivided made mention that Horus had become an imperfect vessel and that papa-Sang was to take his place as the Angel of Ruin.

Fortunately the Legion Librarians managed to eventually restore the Primarch, and he was able to defeat Ka’Bandha in a second duel, banishing him back to the Warp. This is also Khayon we’re talking about, so it’s also likely he’s full of shit, as this phenomenon would’ve flooded every possible inch on the ship with crystallized corpses given how short the lifespans are for the Slaves working on it.

One of the most beloved figures in the Imperium, Sanguinius was among both the most noble and mightiest Primarchs. The Emperor congratulated Sanguinius on his victory and named him the Imperator Regis of the Imperium. Realizing that this was his herald’s destiny and that he needed to confront Horus at Terra for the Imperium to endure, Sanguinius solemnly agreed. Also, apparently, Reclusiarch Grimaldus is not a huge fan of it.