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Shows the stereotypes defined in the UML profiles that are in use by the current project. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This moves the current action down. Creates a SignalSendState element in the current diagram. Operation stereotype, visibility, name, parameter, and return type can be entered in the edit field according to the syntax. Pros Professional, inter-connected models can be created Supports plug-ins for both importing and exporting Code and documentation plug-ins provided with package Free.

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Creates a Decision Pseudostate element in the current diagram. Creates a Swimlane by horizontal solid lines in the current diagram. Zoom Out Makes the diagram look smaller.

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Staruml 5.0 button tsaruml connect existing elements instead of creating a new element e. Select a framework to load. Space Equally, Vertically Evenly distributes the selected elements vertically. The diagrams that can be added under the currently selected model elements are displayed in the sub menu. To edit the upper attribute, just hit the [Up] key. This is used for most of the elements. If there is a profile that contains the tagged values which can be applied to the currently selected element, it is shown as a tab.


This appears when an operation is double-clicked in a diagram. Starump a package element in the current diagram. The stated goal of the project was to replace larger, commercial applications such as Rational Rose and Borland Together. Enter a URL or pathname for a file. To edit the upper operation, just hit the [Up] key. It is currently missing ztaruml and interaction overview diagrams. The Documentation Editor is used for recording additional descriptions staruml 5.0 the currently selected element.


This appears when a message or a stimulus is double-clicked in a diagram. Creates an object element in the staruml 5.0 diagram. The user can specify how the page border will be printed. Once the tool is mastered, the user can produce professional results without the need to invest in more costly commercial tools such as Borland Together staruml 5.0 Stariml Rose, which perform the same function. The tag definitions defined in the profile are displayed in the [Tag Definition Set] and [Tagged Values] fields.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Select the [Output] tab in the staruml 5.0 area to open the Output Window. Statechart Diagram Synchronization Creates a Synchronization Pseudostate element in the current diagram. This area contains stsruml functions to facilitate editing of the detailed information for elements.


Creates a subsystem element in the current diagram. Creates an AssociationRole from one role to the same role in the current diagram.

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Help Menu The Help menu contains the following menu items. Class Diagram Composition Links a semantic association between two classes in the current diagram. View Menu The View menu contains the following menu items.

Sequence Diagram, Collaboration Staguml. Shows a list of the installed Add-Ins. Users should beware that this tool is more complex than a simple UML diagram editing tool, in that, through the use of the Staruml 5.0 Drive Architecture MDA standard, the tool supports complex modeling which is realizable in code.

Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram.