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tohno shiki

I heard you like a mean ass 6C, so we added charge and made it an overhead, quite fast at that. The charged up version where it actually will hit overhead. The damage on it is pretty good, so you could use it to end a combo then take okizeme from there. Looks the same from MBAC. With his long-range and powerful 2C sweep, amazing ground dashes, low-profiling x specials, invincible DPs, generally great spacing and high defensive statistics, Shiki has a huge number of options at his disposal in almost any situation.

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C [High] Shiki slices tonno horizontally with his knife. Also, they made it bunker cancellable again so go ahead and use it. Because of the changes to the 8 direction input, it is more stable for combos when it connects.

Melty Blood/Shiki Tohno/PS2

Overall his gameplan is quite linear even by Tohno’s standards, relying entirely on frame traps and anti-airs to start combos, though his options in those departments are some of the best in the business and he only needs a few fat combos to take down even the most resilient opponents. Over time, he slowly begins to get used to it, and doesn’t lose himself as much mentally. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography.


Shiko one is better for reversal and is super cancellable on the first hit.

Melty Blood/Shiki Tohno – Mizuumi Wiki

A simple but important move. In the PS2 version, they took out its invincible frame and made it at a slight disadvantage at block. Moves you a decent amount forward. This is not a reliable anti-air unless you can time the clash part perfect, even then its shiii not as good as shielding into A.

Shiki “Nanaya” Toono

And, if you hit thono crouching opponent with this, you will not whiki moved back so far so you can throw it into combos and links without hesitation. His biggest weakness in all three moons is his consistently mediocre okizeme game, where he must sacrifice big damage to get a workable hard knockdown, and overall his mixups are not especially tricky even by Melty Blood standards. She moved so quickly, but who was that just now? Shiki Tohno’s strengths are built into his neutral game.

They weakened the hitbox, shortened the duration and increased the recovery But because it it slower, you can cancel into it after C moves for some easy mash punishes.

Because of the attack level now, it will just lose out in instances of clash so be careful. Even at midscreen you can OTG. A follow up from 6A that moves Shiki forward and hits at the same time. Again, if it hit the opponent in the corner you can follow it up. Click here for the original Shiki Tohno page. Shiki’s new normal move which looks like an overhead punch. A [High] Jumping knee strike. On hit, the screen will look like it has been cut and you will have a bit of time to dash up to your opponent to throw your offence on.


A low slide part 2. Half Pressure-oriented, slight Nanaya feel with forward-moving normals plus a quick horizontal airdash, as well as a slightly faster walkspeed. Pretty much the same thing as the normal version but is shorter and has less recovery on whiff.

A rather slow knife thrust that moves far and can be canceled at any point when it hits or is blocked. His throw is pretty much unchanged but it looks like you can choose the direction, and it has become 1 hit. Speed and range makes it good for poking with, abuse it against characters that can’t tono the range. However, it is just a matter of course that they nerfed it in the PS2 version.

Melty Blood/Shiki Tohno/PS2 – Mizuumi Wiki

I can protect myself. Great for reverse beats, fuzzy set ups and beating mashes. Its also good for combos and reading shields.