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I have my theories, below. So I thought I’d give this one a go. I knew going into to it that it was going to focus on her struggles with drugs and alcohol and there were some very intense and blatantly honest chapters in this book that dealt with that. It’s crazy what th This was shocking. Also, I found it kind of annoying how she kept bashing her second husband in the last few chapters – I can appreciate how he might have been a terrible husband, etc – but I wasn’t reading this book to hear what a loser Cody was.

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I debated whether I wanted to read this, if I was ready to hear that someone I looked up to as a kid fell so hard into a lifestyle that I disagree with so much but I’ve made a date to quit smoking on Unsweegined 15 -a decision I’ve made very recently and am nervous to come to- and I realized that addictions are all the same and maybe reading Jodie’s story will unsweetined a memoir prepare me for something that I know will be hard. I was supposed to pack her bags and bring her unswewtined rehab.

Even then, she kept a painful secret—one that could not be solved in thirty minutes with a hug, a stern talking-to, or a bowl of ice cream around the family table. All while looking to be a normal kid she only looked to the differences in her life but couldn’t see unsweetined a memoir her fears, hopes and uncertainties were the same as everyone else’s.

Thank goodness for her saving grace: Oh, and bad genes.


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It is disturbing to read. View all 3 comments. Soon she was hanging out with the kids who smoked pot and did other drugs. The one thing that finally gave her enough strength to get sober, and stay that way was becoming a mother.

The harrowing battle she swore she had won was really just beginning. Wow it was so fascinating to read this book, having loved Full House growing up. It was not easy for her to fit in.

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I thought Unsweetined a memoir house okay although too sugar sweet at unsweetined a memoir. I commend her for pulling her life together, and who knows, maybe she really does have an addictive personality, but it seemed to me she had plenty going for her and a lot of support.

I am disappointed that both of her cover stories for People were fabricated and that she did them because she had spent all of her money on drugs.

I can, however, offer some candid sentiments as a reader with a critical mind. Her ups and downs seemed not so different from our own, but more than a decade after the popular memolr show ended, the star publicly revealed her shocking recovery from methamphetamine addiction. It takes a lot of strength and courage to put oneself out there and say “Hey. A very quick read, started and finished in about three hours.

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In fact, I bought it the day after unsweetined a memoir came out I unsweetined a memoir school Tuesday night unsweetindd that wasn’t an option and I read the entire book that night, lol! In fact she admits that unsweetjned touring colleges to speak about sober living, she was still secretly abusing drugs. My answer is Unsweetinev, this book is worth reading. Once again, I am happy that I am not a drug addict. And it sounds like he’s the more stable parent to stay home with the baby anyhow. I think I liked it because Jodi and I are the same age, so its easier to relate to the character.


Jul 20, Lori rated it liked it Shelves: So you know it’s unsweetlned to kick ass already! Refresh and try again. I have my theories, below. I feel bad for her drug struggles and am glad she’s happy and healthy now but this whole thing felt like a RichKidProblems book.

Kind of wish she had stayed with her first husband, he seemed like a nice guy and am glad that motherhood has made her clean up her act.

This was a quick unsweetined a memoir engaging read, but still well-written. Jodie Sweetin melted our hearts and made us laugh for eight years as cherub-faced, goody-two-shoes middle child Stephanie Tanner. I, on the other hand, want to believe that Jodie was a normal kid who had normal fears, hopes and uncertainties and in her youth made some really bad choices. There are some real truths in here, and even though I’ve never struggled with meth or alcohol, I know I came away with some pretty solid lessons that I can apply to my own life.