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This is not a ligth read, but is comprehensive. Hands down – “Revelation” is a great book. Interview With Zan Perrion eBook. This book, from my perspective, aimed to reach people on a different level, it aimed to teach you how to develop inner game. As a result it is currently the best Mystery Method based course available. The contents of the book include:.

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Venusian Arts Review – PUA Training By Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop

Interview With Isabel Price eBook. Venusian Arts Dating Coaches: Evolutionary biologists research and test scientific theories of why we behave the way we do via evolution. Inner game into its method. Being good with women is simple, and this venusian arts revelation is so complicated it makes it sound like a battle for middle earth. That was when I started getting interested in learning some techniques with girls because I knew I was doing something wrong, but I didn’t know what. Each piece is densely packed with TONS of information.

Ive been using Mystery Method for six years. Practical stuff that one can do right away The problem is that indirect game is not easy to apply correctly So you get a lot of content for that money.


PUAs, MM students in particular, come up with specific tactics to leverage these rules of biology in revelatin. The most fluid and easily understood explanation of how good inner game comes across that I have ever read.

Venusian Arts – Revelation (2.0 MB eBook)

This venusian arts revelation, again, absolutely top-notch material with a good venusian arts revelation of practical and theoretical. This is not through fault of good explanation, but more through the sheer overwhelming amount of content that is contained within this product. Most guys struggle with this, but this covers everything you need to know to make approaching easy. The part I liked the most was the “Way of Being” by Matador. All i revflation out from the first 70 pages or so was the “science” behind it and frankly idc about it.

Is the content effective? Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it? It is extremely comprehensive. The Bottom Line This product is a little pricy at just under dollars for an eBook, but in content terms it’s pretty polished. The Language of Attraction.

Revelations Review – VenusianArts & Mystery PUA Revelations Review

Ther is some natural game in the new revalation book but it appears that Love Drop is just venusian arts revelation deeper into MM thats all. The following exercises, techniques and methods are included: Ease of Implementation Is it practical? Vensuian I first got into game in I was a big fan of Mystery. They acknowledge that there are venusian arts revelation levels of communication happening all at once over time in a pickup:. If there is one dating product to not pass up – it’s this one.


Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: The second chapter focuses on the necessary emotions during aets. Like before the book goes into much more depth than in VAH. In addition he includes real infield footage in revleation course, to show you what it looks like when executed.

It also maintains an ‘arty’ feel to it, which is Mystery’s style. You can download it or order on DVD. Damian Damian’s Blog Contact Damian. I would recommend it to everyone who’s searching for a complete guide to improve your game with women.