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As you enter the words, possible entries are extrapolated. This version supports all stardict dictionaries. First, in order to change the font or choose which dicitonaries to include you need to go to the Options button on the lower left and change the slidr controlling the font. Another cool feature pertains to the WordNet 2. Apps , iPhone Apps. I am still having issues with this, and it honestly does detract from the overall value of this App.

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Read the Developer’s Notes: Third, I have yet to be able to figure out how the process of downloading and adding additional dictionaries works. On the bottom of the screen, you can go back to the list of entries.

TouchMyApps – WeDict Pro in Review – No More Freebies

I have no doubt it can be done but if I have to struggle to figure it out I am less included to use or recommend the app. It offers user selectable dictionaries. Featured App Reviews Elemelons Name: AppsiPhone Apps.

It is a visual display of the various wedict pro and word forms as represented by colored dots and adjoining lines. I am still having issues with this, and it honestly does detract from the overall value of this App. You might also like.


This version supports all stardict dictionaries. As a result, he is there a few times a year. Additional dictionaries are appaently available on the StarDict website. It is easy to use, the font size is adjustable, and it offers usage examples of the wedict pro you look up. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do and wedlct poorly implemented.

AppAddict & iSignCloud are not closing!

Wedict pro you enter the words, possible entries are extrapolated. Assisted by App Store Assistant. This is something that was apparently much easier on the jailbreak version of the app. It also allows you to make a choice without completely spelling out to original word you were searching for.

Then you need to EXIT the app and restart it to have the change take effect. It is in the settings screen that you wedict pro also download dictionaries and so forth.

There should also be clarity in reading, preferably through the change of font size. Another thing that irks me is the inability of accessing the settings upon immediately loading the App. Low Would I Buy Again: It should have ease of use. Article By danc danc has written awesome wedict pro reviews. Thus this will be his fourth. AppsiPhone Apps Date: I downloaded weDict to see if it might be worth recommending to him. While more robust in functions and features than its free predecessor, does WeDict Pro have enough to justify its as many would consider wedict pro price?


While Wedict Pro has many of these functions and executes them to a varying degree of wedict pro, there are still aspects of this App that detract from its overall presentation and polish. A good dictionary is one that achieves certain standards and functions.

It got me thinking about a good friend of mine who now does a good deal of business in China. AppsiPhone Date: Not in its current form Learning Curve: